The IOC had long held a harvest this year, and even events such as the European Boxing Olympic qualification in London was held, which was cancelled after three days (BOXING reported). While the organizers are now faced with the problems of the subsequent orientation, to fear many of the athletes your support.

The German sports aid sends a Signal of reassurance. “The funded athlete can rely on in times of Corona-crisis on the support by the German sports aid. The promotion is conducted for the currently approved period remains unchanged“, promised Thomas good art, in the sports help the Board of management is responsible for the athletes promotion. A total of 4,000 athletes from the German sports aid.

the measures include, among other things, payment for loss of earnings for Training or as a result of Corona cancelled competitions. The Deutsche Bank sports scholarship for student athletes is also conducted in the summer semester, regardless of the way of the operation of the University in this period, in the light of COVID-19 is continued. For more Details, please refer to the support framework on the Homepage of the sports aid.

Text: Nils Bothmann

*The contribution of “German sports aid promotes, even in times of Corona” is published by Contact with the executives here.