Sex workers in Mexico City and now a monthly benefit of only € 75 in order to compensate for the fall in business because of the Covid-19. The capital city, which closed in the hotels where the sex workers worked, due to the outbreak of the corona virus.

all The sex workers were on Saturday in a very long line to get the special card, to which the grant benefit will be gestort.De the issue was organized by the ngo Brigada Callejera, who has the rights of sex workers defending their interests.

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“We got the grant for six months by the local authority”, aldusElvira Madrid, spain. The spokeswoman explained to news agency EFE, this money is still on the top of the last week, distributed food comes from. However, it is due to the diet of the Mexican people that the government is concerned about it.
Vulnerable to the solar corona

from Decades of poor eating habits of the population, suffer from an epidemic of health issues such as obesity that make them more vulnerable to make way for the new corona virus. That being said, the Mexican undersecretary of Health; Hugo Lopez-Gatell, Saturday, at a press conference.

Mexico, 1.890-confirmed cases of the corona virus, and 79 deaths from the disease. In the last 24 hours have been 202 new infections and 19 deaths have been reported. That is nearly double that of the 118 infections and 10 deaths last night.

“Those people were unfortunate enough to have chronic illnesses or have had a parent,” said Lopez-Gatell. “This is the result of a minimum of four years of poor diet, a diet that has been created by the products of low nutritional quality and high in calories, especially processed foods.”

According to the government, the country has some of the world’s highest diabetes and obesitascijfers. The world health organization (WHO), said that people suffering from diabetes belong to the risk group who are severely ill, it may be due to the corona virus.

the President continues to be positive,

The Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, however, remains optimistic. Saturday afternoon, î he said during a visit to a military hospital, and that the people in mexico, the pandemic can be overcome “with the assistance of the armed forces,” according to a message from the news agency Notimex.