a New generation of SUV from Cadillac is already declassified, but have not yet reached dealerships, even in America. However, the tuners have already got down to business: Atelier Lexani Motorcars announced the project for those who need more and more.

Strictly speaking, the “Escalade” and in this generation will remain factory extended modification: it is traditionally known as the ESV, and the size of its wheel base will exceed 3.4 m. However, the project Mobile Office from Lexani threatens to be even more gigantic.

Sketches of the limo published by the tuners in social networks. According to him, to lengthen the SUV Lexani going through an impressive insert, which embed in the body between the front and rear doors. The interior of the same “Escalade” will be divided into two parts – driver’s cab and the passenger capsule, which promises to be the pinnacle of luxury.

All available space is only four individual seats with plenty of adjustments, trimmed in quilted leather. It is planned to install them facing each other and between the seats to appear a console with touch control panels and folding tables. Also mentioned 36 acoustic speakers and a lot of monitors General diagonal 38 inches.

The Cadillac Escalade will change the shape of the roof – it is partly up to increase space of the cabin, and the inside will provide ambient lighting and led “starry sky”. However, Lexani has already clarified that the submitted sketches is only one of many options for shape and finish Mobile Office, and all the details will be necessarily agreed upon with the customer. To pay to have rumored from 250 to 450 thousand dollars.

Text: Avtovesti