the magic formula Is nothing more than a bad spell? Nothing more than a “power cartel of the Incumbents, who have established themselves with their respective share of the pie convenient” how to read in the “Tages-Anzeiger” was? So far, populist just moved right here of the most such formulations, through the Federal Council of the College.

rants But, more recently, and for some strange reason, the otherwise respectable analyst Michael Hermann: The four-year Negotiating with the Government, the political geographer, was “far more important than the personal life-planning, acting magistrates”. This scorn was so far outside the Right-make the government rhetoric.

it is equally true, no matter how banal: governments are formed to exercise Power – Power in the democracy, controlled Power, especially in the direct democratic System of Switzerland. In addition, however, governments are in a good case of more: bodies of trust, for example, and continuity. Both the Federal Council is represented with his composition, called like “magic” formula, in particular.

Since 1959, the four parties share the Executive power in the Federal house. This political leadership, which was always pragmatic management, the Switzerland on decades of success in all areas of society brings, not stormy though, step by step, sometimes even with a big step forward, sometimes a step.

What is critical citizen – annoyed, and rightly and wrongly, about this government! But all the Trouble was, as a rule, accompanied by respect. Because the seven were always decent citizens, trying ums Welfare of the Whole, of course, influenced by personal and party point of view. So it should be in democracy yet.

If there is a spell of magic formula, this is it: The collegiality that is required of the Federal councils in the government of the rooms, has meant that extreme had to bend the points of the common task. Because that is the Federal Council shall also: a panel of cultured discussion – before, and thus to reach a cooperative solution. This “magic” has prevented, among other things, that the vulgar Polterei the populist to the bad sound of the Federal Council was most.

The evidence for this culture of bullhorner par excellence delivered: He was not weggewählt after four years, because he could – in the style just like in the matter.

What is the condescending accusation is actually worth, the “magistrates” go to your “personal life planning”? Federal councillors do not have career planning on their function. Still Servir et disparaître is: “” – to serve and assign. Or any of them, the noblest office in the Land ever a brilliant career to follow?

Federal councillors are more than the Minister: they direct several ministries, for example, transport, energy, roads, communication, environment, spatial planning – all in a Department with the abbreviation Detec. Federal councillors are presidential Same under the Same, to sift, they form the collective head of state.

SPS President, Christian Levrat calls for nine members of the “Seven are not in accordance with more time.” With nine the social-democracy would, in any case, a better chance of two seats in the Bundesrat.

Also, this requirement controls the system of government in the direction of the Minister of administration: Hire and fire, select and deselect, as the political mood of voters appear to be.

A quorum of the nine would be something qualitatively very different than a quorum of the seven. The diverse magic of this creation number must not be led to understand that collegiality can only be in the smaller circle is being successfully maintained.

Who does not fit this practiced, since soon three generations living formula? It fits all of those that prefer to Calculate the Cultivate. Christoph Blocher, a man of cold calculation, recommends the choice of a green and a green liberal party Federal Council at the expense of the SPS and the FDP. As a result, the SVP would councils with two Federal the strongest party.

In this proposal resonates more. For example, a completely twisted idea of what has to be the Federal Council. Let us quote only one sentence from the Interview of the oligarch with a student newspaper in 1998. On the question of what would be, he would come into the Federal Council, he replied: “I would allow it to be an effective Opposition, and even encourage, because it helps lead to a, right, because you can see the other side.”

The first part of the sentence was repeated, because he is so insightful: “I would allow it to be an effective Opposition …”

I don’t fits to the Swiss Federal Council! Swiss members of the government, We listen to the. And you don’t have nothing to admit, and certainly not an Opposition.

Who thinks so, and talks of the need to fail at democracy.

Who fails, feeds not rare feelings of revenge. And so, the proposal, the SPS and the FDP to the benefit of the two green parties in the Federal Council to revoke is the personal revenge of a Failed.