For some reason people are often quite serious attitude to the moon and space is determined by the colored cards from my childhood and a line from the song “and on Mars will be Apple blossom”. That’s just below the tree there blossomed, they need to bring, to land and to ensure that similar to the earth’s atmosphere. When space exploration was a matter of national prestige and competition of the two systems, the question of money was not — they could be taken from the state budget. American taxpayers did not protest the Soviet — nobody asked.Now space exploration is stalled because there is no commercial sense: okay, guys, I’m on Mars, what’s next? In accordance with the decision taken in the mid-twentieth century legal regime to occupy the land where it is impossible to get resources too, it seems, is impossible, and can only lead scientific activities for the benefit of all mankind. So why go there? For the sake of prestige? Are you willing to give back 10% of your salary for prospects in 2028 to send an expedition to the moon? If Yes, congratulations, you are in the minority.Obviously, this legal regime needs to be adjusted. And if Russia is in the vanguard of this change, proposing simple and clear rules of space exploration, it will make Donald trump. In fact, he has already started: according to his plan, American companies would be allowed to mine the moon’s resources to be used to ensure the operation of lunar bases and the manufacture of rocket fuel. But it is at first, and that will be further — to predict difficult.In addition, based on leaked documents, on Earth satellite can receive some of the “security zone”. Technically it is not sovereign territory: just working around it, it will be necessary to notify her of the “operator” so as not to interfere with his space plans to introduce subordinate “zone”.Revealing that Russia is to discuss these arrangements don’t even try — it is clear that Moscow is unlikely to go forward, and therefore prefer to work out plans with the participation of “countries with similar thinking regarding the extraction of lunar resources”: Japan, UAE, EU member States. Do we like this “America first” in interstellar space? Don’t like it.What do we offer? “To abandon attempts of privatization of space,” said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, or attempt to resolve all issues in the working group with the Americans, as told Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Ryabkov. The Russian foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, was even more generous: he said that Russia is ready to cooperate with USA in the field of peaceful space exploration and to seek a “mutually acceptable approaches”. As we prepare to seek such approaches, in the US, it seems, decided, SpaceX and Northrop Grumman have timesrabatyvaet the details of the ships, and now the American company will undoubtedly deal with technologies of mining operations on the moon, because now they are allowed to produced in the property.The logic of Americans can understand: if the States themselves space to learn will not be only private companies. Questions of prestige for them is secondary: if the Wild West is mastered only for the sake of prestige, now we have still received reports regarding the construction of new railway section in the region of California, and reports from the fronts of the Apache wars in Arizona. Similar story, incidentally, with the development of Siberia: Russian pioneers attracted to the unexplored land is not only the promise of immortal glory.To agree with the U.S. position is optional. To pander to the American space expansionism is not worth it, but necessary to offer an alternative, not only to respond to overseas offers. Because now it seems that the great space power, Russia, has given mankind the sky is far from the forefront of the modern space movement.It is obvious that sooner or later people will begin development of the Solar system. And it depends on us whether Russia is a trendsetter in this matter or her cosmic power, a bright flame illuminating the entire planet in the second half of the twentieth century, burned in the dense layers of the atmosphere in this century.