The fate of Markus Studer (66) from Zurich, Switzerland. In spite of the help of a colleague and the Spitex he didn’t come on for weeks to his Parcel. But registered letters remained denied because he did it because of his Parkinson’s disease neither the post office nor could issue power. The there is only online. To explain “instead of the customer something good and understandable, I treated the Post like Dirt,” says Studer to VIEW.

the yellow giant has to meet a basic supply order. This means that its services for all population groups is well within reach. Only: For the less Mobile and Non-Digital this is not true apparently. As the case of Studer shows, be hung for older people from the Post office.

“Where is the common sense”

politicians are also applied, as in VIEW of Studer read. “It upsets me terribly, because after all, it is a right to be from the Post supplied”, says the Bernese SP-politician Matthias Aebischer (52). “For finally, the basic service is there.”

“Where’s because the healthy human mind?”, Martin Candinas (39) asks. For the Grisons CVP-Nationalrat, the problems are Studer a sign that the service culture is not understood in the boardrooms, in the right place – otherwise no rules would not be designed that are suitable for practical use.

The Post must-have for all be

Candinas called The people, the such Online-to develop services and to implement, apparently it is not always clear that the iPhone only since 12 years, is an example. “Who had at that time already of a certain age, is unable to cope with the Smartphone-world, maybe.”

The Post had to be digital, supplemented Aebischer: “But you must not leave the ten percent of the population that does not come so quickly. Also for this group, you must offer solutions.”

Pragmatic solutions

For Aebischer and Candinas there are no additional requirements for the Post. “But it must be possible that special cases can be solved pragmatically,” says Candinas. In clear text: The yellow giant must make an effort and ensure that everyone comes to his letters and packages.

To do this, it would sometimes not much: He knew for example that postal customers upset about it, that it is not possible, directly in the mail to call office. “All must center over the customer, but often can not help as simple as the people on the ground who know the customers,” said Candinas.

Here is the Post about the books – and had to, without forcing you to do so.

SVP criticized to many of the laws

In the common sense also appeals SVP national councillor Nadja Pieren (39). It adopts the policy in the duty: “Here we see what the effect of too many laws. Because ultimately, the data protection act is responsible for the problems of Mr. Studer. This is why the Post can’t act differently.”

piers says, you make the experience, that the public-Service companies will provide you with a lot of effort to satisfy all customers ‘ needs. “But we politicians have to leave.”