This PR campaign has backfired.

On Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin (67) visited the hospital Kommunarka outside of Moscow. There are some of the currently officially 658 Corona treated-Infected in Russia.

After he greeted the chief with a handshake and completely unprotected, praised the Russian President for the professionalism of the Russian authorities in dealing with the disease, and stressed that the health system was working “like clockwork”.

because Of Social Distancing! Putin welcomes clinic CEO Denis Protsenko traditional photo: Alexei Druzhinin / AP Photo / dpa

Then want to make Putin a picture of the Inside of the hospital and also with Infected talk. But the pictures that emerged, resulted in his critics across the country for scorn and ridicule. The state television filmed, as helpers covered him with a protective suit, gloves, booties and a gas mask. Then he went under the astonished eyes of the hospital staff in the patient’s area.