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Interior design ideas for coral red, the trend colour 2019

For years, the Pantone Color of the Year sets the color trends and has thus a strong influence on product developments. Not only...

Brazil: In the Amazon is again cut down more rain forest – view

In the Brazilian Amazon the deforestation in January - the first month of Bolsonaros term in office - according to the research Institute,...

Travel: The best Rooftop Bars in the world – view

Toast with a view: In a Bar with a rooftop terrace, the Drink tastes much better. SIP into the holidays high above the...

The Seminar brings against spider fear – a self-experiment – view

I curse me inside for the decision to participate. But it doesn't help: Today I will face my fear. I suffer from Arachnophobia,...

The smart pill in the case of Down-syndrome is really smart? View

people with Down syndrome are different. So different, that many of them live in a protected frame and between assisted living homes, special...

To prevent mental lows – view

anyone Who suffers from depression, you should seek in any case, the assistance of a qualified person and is a therapy to consider....

Street Art: On these 6 places, you can find Banksy-Graffiti – view

The anonymous Graffiti artist Banksy made his works and actions repeatedly caused a sensation. His art is critical of society and of suitable...

The big season calendar for vegetables from the Switzerland view

The Import of strawberries from Spain and asparagus from Italy seems to be the entire year to stop. This results in a wide...

Turkey remains silent cause pressure on China’s Uighur?

Turkey does not sound heavy pressure on China proper. According to German Professor Susanne Schröder, the political and economic expectations of China...

6 reasons to vacation in Albania, and the best travel tips – view

1. Tirana - the humming capital of Albania's capital, is colorful (in the last few decades has painted a lot of paint on...