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Wednesday, June 3, 2020
Given the decline in the value of Sberbank shares, a redemption of securities from minority shareholders will be made at a price exceeding current market. This can lead to an increase in the number of shareholders who wish to take advantage of the offer
Participants will learn how to spend money on brand development, how to develop effective strategies and avoid mistakes
We have opened a new section in the "news of the week" – "Living area". It is about animals, nature, ecology and the environmental activists. The theme lately - a second wind, so respond.
It is reported that this measure will allow the Central Bank to eliminate the issue of conflict of interest
Mechelen is At the main entrance of the General Hospital Sint-Maarten in Mechelen, belgium will have dozens of police officers, tonight, to pay tribute to the nurses in the Famous hospital. A wonderful tribute to all the people and...
The ruling Ukrainian party "the servant of the people" will participate in local elections which will be held in October this year. This decision was taken by delegates of the extraordinary Congress in Kyiv. They also approved the new composition of the Supreme Council of the party and its official ideology.
In Moscow over the weekend have confirmed 14 cases of infection COVID-19. The mayor stressed that the situation in the city is much better than in other world capitals, and the authorities are interested in is to immediately report all cases of the disease
General Prosecutor's office acknowledged extremist statements of one of the users "Vkontakte", who wrote about the need to eliminate patients with coronavirus
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are considering moving to Malibu. According to some reports, the couple looking after a luxury mansion for seven million dollars, and their neighbors can become Robert Downey Jr. and Kathleen Jenner.
in the face of mass threat of protests against his government of Ecuador head of state, Lenín Moreno, has imposed a state of emergency. This is valid for sixty days and can be extended for a further thirty...
He attributed this to the characteristics of the nervous system
The black Car was parked in this period compared with the free felser station. To the vehicle the number plate LM-X 461 were installed. Potential witnesses and informants are asked to report to the police in because...
All the news of Russia and the world from NEWSru.com. The organizers 249 UFC found a replacement for Habib and hold a tournament on a private island
All metro stations in the city are operating normally
the Alarm in the new Zealand city of Christchurch, According to several media reports, it should be to come on Friday afternoon (local time) in the vicinity of the Al Noor mosque a shootout. The police...
Deputy foreign minister of Ukraine Vasyl Bodnar has urged government agencies to refrain from using the term ‘genocide’ when referring to the murder of Armenians a century ago, as it would...
Over the shoulders of Alexey Gordeev, the work Minister, the head of region and Deputy Prime Minister
The test was positive. The Ministry of health of the Perm region on its official website reported that the inhabitant of Perm urgently hospitalized and isolated because of a suspected coronavirus.
The most expensive footballer of the Russian Premier League, midfielder "Zenit" Malcolm said that he could consider the offer from the Russian team. But the priority for him is Brazil.
In the institution are taught to correctly perform the client's requests and resolve conflicts
The temperature will drop to -5 degrees
In times of Corona-crisis lack of Rostock panel numerous volunteers. 15 to 20 helpers are not currently in use, said Christian Berndt of the Rostock panel. The Jobcenter have deducted One-Euro-Jobber temporarily. About 20 helpers are still...
The Deputy of the state Duma – about ordinary apartment in Moscow, where they lived more than a hundred animals
In the Egyptian province of Giza in the accident with the participation of almost two dozen cars killed at least 16 people, 15 received injuries of varying severity.
Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, died in Moscow on 91 year of life
Revolut wanted to be the good Bank, not so anonymous and greedy for money like the others. Or: not a proper Bank, not much more than an Online platform for money transfers and credit cards, Rates, offers close...
With 92,54 per cent of the votes, was elected Wirth, of the office of the mayor since 2014 hold, back. 184 people voted no, which accounts for a percentage of the total votes of 7.46 percent. In...
the bottom line is 508 million euros Surplus in the first quarter, as the company announced on Friday. In the prior-year period, Fiat Chrysler had earned 951 million euros. In North America, the main market of...
He commented on the statement that Russia helped in the fight against coronavirus supposedly on certain conditions
The match between "new Jersey devils" and "St. Louis Blues" started the next game day of the regular season of the National hockey League. Devils house was stronger "bluesman" with the score 4:2.
We are not ready to comment on the degree of sanity of the readers of the Polish Gazeta Wyborcza. So the initiative to take advantage of the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 to attach Kaliningrad region to Poland responded the head of the press service of the Kaliningrad government Dmitry Lyskov.
The United States has overtaken China for the number of people infected with coronavirus. Only new York has more than 30 thousand patients. The situation is complicated by the high level of unemployment, which leapt against the introduction of quarantine. Other countries also impose strict measures against coronavirus. For example, in Argentina, the violators of the quarantine selected cars.
All the news of Russia and the world from NEWSru.com. In the Netherlands, because of the coronavirus interrupted the court in the case of the downed Malaysian "Boeing"
In connection with the quarantine of Italian pupils and students have moved into distance learning, which has become a serious challenge not only for children but also for their parents. Why - read in the material of the correspondent "RG" in Italy
Britain said thank you to the doctors of their country. At eight o'clock hundreds of thousands of residents gathered on balconies and erupted with thunderous applause to those who at this time has saved lives, reports the correspondent of "RG" in London
All the news of Russia and the world from NEWSru.com. Putin discussed with the Cabinet combating coronavirus
The Zurich Marco G.* (50) leaves mostly nothing as debts. Several Hundred cleaning ladies has deposited in the series-guy from Bergerac, the pension Fund and to AHV contributions for years not and is left to them, too guilty....
This is the coordinator of the expert Committee Monitoring the UN sanctions, Hugh Griffiths said on Tuesday (local time) to the AFP news Agency in New York. "You get the Best, if you need it." Kim...
At the meeting of the Board of Directors of the football club "Lokomotiv" will discuss the position of head coach in the new season. In addition to Yuri Semin this post will present 2-3 candidates, said General Director of railway Vasily Kiknadze
The regions continue to introduce a special regime against the spread of coronavirus. Among the measures not only bans. Hoteliers, for example, were allowed to book seats for tourists from dangerous countries. But with one condition
After two weeks of quarantine coronavirus get out of it? There is a confirmed order? I guess not. Correspondent "RG" has decided to check it out. But for all the isolation the doctor it never came
All previously announced recommendations for coronavirus infection remains valid and remain in force. This was stated by the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova
The message came shortly after 10 o'clock in the morning: "your account has been locked." The Social Media Manager of the Swiss Online magazine "Republic", Oliver Fuchs, wondered whether the message. It was locked, not the account of...
Now, the cards in the Federal government in Bern will be reshuffled – 2. December be sworn in the Newly and re - elected already. Then the 51 starts of the winter session. Legislature. In this...
The head of the "servant of the people" David Arakhamiya told about the changes President Vladimir Zelensky.
All the news of Russia and the world from NEWSru.com. From Italy came the coronavirus in neighboring Austria, Croatia and Switzerland
Thierry Lepaon, the general secretary of the CGT, jumped out for less than that. At the beginning of 2015, he must leave his post after several revelations : the reconstruction of the apartment of a position he...
He runs the most famous Restaurant in New York, because of the Corona-crisis Daniel Humm (44) the "Eleven Madison Park" but from one day to the other close had to. "The night before and the Restaurant was full,...
All the news of Russia and the world from NEWSru.com. "Admiral" comes from the KHL due to the reduction in funding of sports