He has an alcohol problem, a drug problem, he is depressed, was caught as a Doper. His world heavyweight champion title he lost without a fight, because he was able to defend him. But now Tyson Fury (30) is clean, he has his life back together. And in the meantime ambitions above the Boxing ring.

In a Youtube Video, the Briton said recently that he wanted to be a politician, in the Parliament of the United Kingdom. “I meant seriously,” he explains to the British “GQ”magazine. He’s “the homeless, the addicts, drugs, alcoholics”. People drift away as he himself so, on the verge, on the edge of society.

“I would also be against the local garbage man boxes”

the career of 2,06 meters is not the giant over. After the draw against WBC champion Deontay Wilder (33) his Name is on everyone’s lips. As Fury after the brutal knockdown in round 12, once again, riot is now legendary. “I had a lot of Fun,” says Fury today over the Wild-Fight. “If this is hell, is not a very scary place.”

of Course, the US could beat Americans. “He is the toughest racket in the world, Yes. But you feel the blows, not really during the fight.” To heavily, the adrenaline, the concentration. “You feel the next day.”

After it was Wild for a rematch for the time being, no agreement, should Fury fight next against Kubrat Pulev, Joseph Parker, Oscar Rivas or Dillian Whyte.

“I would pit against the local garbage man,” says Fury. “I need the Training. When I’m Boxing, I’m going to continue to train and it will keep me healthy, physically and mentally. I thought, I need the boxes, but it is not so. I have 20 years to understand that.”