favorite Hollywood Star Angelina Jolie (44, “Maleficent would pack”) their stuff and their children to emigrate. But it’s not that simple. You must remain in the United States. The reason is that Although Jolie and her Partner Brad Pitt (55) are already separated since 2016, it must stay because of Pitt in the United States. In an Interview with “Harper’s Bazaar”, she says: “I would like to live abroad. And I’m going to do once my kids are 18 years old. At the Moment, I must remain there, where your father lives.”

This is a part of the custody agreement that you and your Ex-Partner have children in common taken. The financial Situation is still being negotiated.

In the autumn of three years ago, the former Hollywood dream couple separated. Shilo (13), their first common child, was born in may of 2006. Two years later, the twins Vivienne and Knox (11) followed. In addition, the two have adopted children Maddox (18), who studied in Seoul, Pax (15) and Zahara (14).

Angelina jolie’s kids helped her through the divorce

In an Interview, Jolie speaks also about the hard time after the divorce. “The part of us that is free, wild, open-minded and curious, can be placed out of life by pain or suffering of lame.” They are your children, who know the real you. “You have helped me find it and accept it.” You’ve worn in the past years, visible and invisible scars of it. But by the strength of your children, you have learned a lot.

Where exactly is the actress in seven years, said you still. Jolie owns a house in Cambodia. Include “my favorite places, where I never was.” She stresses: “My children are all growing up in the world – not only learn about you, but in your life, and Girlfriends and friends around the world.” (paf)