The perpetrators should go unpunished. Two cases of possible racism in the Basel carnival had taken care of in the spring in Switzerland headlines. Even the Federal Commission against racism, had turned on.

In one case, the Basel public Prosecutor’s office initiated proceedings to today without success. The investigations have now been set, as the Prosecutor’s office confirmed to VIEW.

extreme Right-wing want nothing to do with it

It’s schnitzel Bank-notes of the so-called “Harus-Waagis 2009”, which were distributed to the audience on the traditional parade, the Cortège,. Under the title “I’m nid dr Näger” was offended a Turkish-born Student who had started in Basel, a racism debate to the two gugge music “Negro-Rhygass” and “moor’s head”.

Several media reports have expressed the suspicion that the extreme Right are behind the piece of paper. So Harus is not only a greeting of the extreme right-wing front movement of the 1930s, but also the Name of the Pnos-magazine. The Basel section, but had denied to always have something to do with it.

After four years, the case is time-barred

To date, the investigators groping in the dark. “Should there be any indication on the identity of the perpetrators, the investigation again,” says Peter Gill of the Basel public Prosecutor’s office. Yet he does not give up hope. “But the fact is that there are crimes that can not be resolved.” After four years, the case would become time-barred.

In any case, away with the “Old guard of the Old Stainlemer of it comes”. This was discussed on your lantern, the alleged foreign Infiltration in small-Basel. The prosecution had detected here but not be a criminal offence.