Premiere of a new series Seeds Slepakova about life in conditions of isolation “Cursed days” will take place on June 11 the Premier video platform.

“Damned days” is 10 stories captured in the format screenlit telling about what happened with the inhabitants of our country during the quarantine. The series is unusual in that the scenario for nine of the ten episodes he wrote the two authors – the artist and co-author of “house arrest” Maxim Tumanin, but removed it a few different Directors.

Four episodes – Andrey Boltenko, two series on account of the actress Irina Vilkova (“a police officer with the ruble”, “Island”) and one of Peter Buslov (“house arrest”), Maksim Pezhemskii (“Our Russia”), Roman Volobuev (“the Last Minister”) and Vladimir Epifantsev, which is better known as an actor.

Role in the TV series was performed by Fyodor Bondarchuk, Anna Mikhalkov, Pavel Derevyanko, Aleksandr Robak, Tatyana Dogileva, Timofey Tribunal, Julia Topol’nitskiy, Vladimir Epifantsev, Maria Mashkova, Aleksandr Ilyin Sr., Olga Dibaba and many others. The series was produced by the artist, Alexander Doulerain, Mr Bazaev, Arthur Janibekyan and Andrei Boltenko.

According to the story – a brave new world udalenka created a new creature, a man of an era of isolation and gave rise to amazing stories, which hardly would have happened in other circumstances.

the Scientist-entomologist Victor (in this role, Nikita Tarasov) colleagues presented a coupon for a Thai massage, but instead of a fun nerd got two weeks completely unexpected quarantine away from home.

the Opposition leader Sasha (Dmitry Lysenkov), census Facebook information with criticism of domestic medicine. Post read his brother – officer from the Metropolitan municipality Pasha (Fyodor Bondarchuk) and asked immediately to carry, and then the story took an unexpected turn.

After a call from a stranger (Julius Topol’nitskiy) wife (Svetlana Kamynina) begins to think that her husband is living for two families.

to feed his family, accustomed to the daily steak ribeye, Swiss ice cream and sushi, DPS inspector of the Claws (Alexander Robak) comes up with a cunning plan for remote extortion of bribes from motorists (Pavel Derevyanko).

Dima (Grigory Kalinin) have Bone (Daniil Vorobyov) a decent amount of money but in no hurry to return. Kostya hires a goon Vitya (Vladimir yepifantsev), that he went to Dimona and took the debt.

Daughter (Maria Mashkova), who live in the U.S. decides to evacuate his mother (Elena Valyushkina). But the borders are closed and direct flights are canceled, therefore, to flee the country will not be easy.

These and other stories told in the release, which extended the Premier video service. And that’s how they will be implemented in the serial film – the audience will soon be able to see. And compare with othersand projects taken in the same vein, in times of isolation.