Actually, the two brawlers could enjoy on the Côte d’azur just life, splashing in the Pool and the sea view while sitting in the shade of a gazebo, and dinner food. Just even millionaires are not immune to neighborhood disputes.

After many years of neighborhood conflict now needs to be a Private Palace on the Côte d’azur razed to the ground. The court of appeal in the South of France, Aix-en-Provence ordered the demolition of Château Diter. It is named after the Frenchman, Patrick Diter, is a dazzling real-estate entrepreneur.

The property, has 57 million value

Hearty Lämpen has Diter, according to French media reports for years with his British neighbours, Stephen and Caroline Butt. The multi-millionaires from were upset about the construction in the Renaissance style. Experts estimate its value to 57 million euros.

The Prosecutor’s office gave the British right. And he said in the court of a “crazy Pharaonic project”. That’s not enough. It is said to have been built since 2005, “totally illegal” if the town of Grass. The private investigations, leading to the 3000-square-meter property, is to run through a protected forest.

movies and Indian weddings

have a property annoyed more by the rich Britons, but about the noise in the Neighboring. At Chateau Diter had always been re-filmed movies, with the corresponding noise and light emissions. In addition, rich celebrated Russians and Indians are always weddings on the castle. This is now. (pbe)