Alexei Smirnov – one of the most famous Soviet actors. So it made the role of the alcoholic and the brawler Fedi in the film “Operation “y” and other adventures Shurik” – a small, brilliantly played, got the bull’s eye. Michelle was absolutely recognizable, like him, were full of Soviet earth – from plants to the Hoo, from the collective to the medical-labour dispensaries. Good-natured, careless, dangerous, and capable of bad and good, very charismatic, Fyodor was the embodiment of the present Russian guy in his comic incarnation. In addition to his Smirnov played for bill Driscoll in the short story “the ransom of red Chief” from the film by Leonid Gaidai “Business people” and mechanics Makaritch in the film “go To fight some old people”. He starred in “Aibolit-66”, and “Three fat men” and “Wedding in the Robin”, and many other famous films, but the roles were small, and Smirnov often not even mentioned in the titles. It would seem that a recognizable actor’s fate: a talented man who could play hamlet, ruined unusual appearance, comic talent and directorial laziness. Not seen, missed, and when woke up, it was too late.

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no, not so. It’s not just hard and horrible, gut-wrenching soul inside out destiny.

the Soviet Rambo

And the reason for this was almost certainly the war – “Operation “y” was released in 1965, Theodore in the movie forty years, so he passed it from the first to the last shot. And about the front epic Smirnova, about his order of the red Star, two orders of Glory, medals “For courage” and earned in battle Lieutenant’s stars in recent years much has been written. Here is a prewar photo of an actor: it is the timid boy with big GLAzami and a skinny neck. This is a war, its called the “Soviet Rambo”: big, thin, high cheekbones, smiling, brutally handsome fiddles with captured German machine gun.

Smirnov started the war chemistrycom, but with this quiet position switched to military work. He was a mortar man, but went in reconnaissance, took the Nazis captured, fought boldly and wisely – it seems that the war was his finest hour. However, contacts with former fellow soldiers, he did not support. Lived in a communal apartment with her mother, mentally ill once at the front, killed the younger brother of Alexey. The actor collected dried and preserved insects and snakes, read a lot – Alexei Smirnov collected books and was a scholar of Japanese poetry.

the Man and his mask,

Wrote that after front wounds Smirnov could not have children. Therefore, returning from the front, he kicked out of the apartment the girl, courted before the war, she came with freshly baked Apple pie, but he didn’t even get out of bed. Another wrote that he really wanted to marry, but was afraid of women. Some carefully elaborated: “fear of closeness”, was ashamed of his huge height and appearance. He was introduced to in absentia in love with him on the film Gaidai woman, but he have told her about the tarantulas that she ran away. God knows what happened to him at the front, but it left an imprint on his entire life: he was ridiculously familiar, clumsily courted, ashamed of himself, and it is no good do not lead.

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the Studio at the Leningrad theatre of musical Comedy Smirnov graduated before the war, was accepted into the troupe, in 1946, returned to the theater. But touring is not allowed to care for the mother, and the salary was miserable, and he moved on to the stage. And in the early 60s became an actor “Lenfilm” and gained fame as a master of poignant comic episode.

the Movie really was his life – and that was the tragedy of Alexei Smirnov.

“Operation “y” brought him immense popularity. He was out on the streets, he tried to get acquainted. If Smirnov was similar to Fyodor from the film Gaidai, he would live happily ever after – but he was fast and tenacious mind, and he was tormented by many things, including the difference between what he could become and what he achieved.

He was a superb dramatic actor, and was playing the small role of a comedian. These contradictions, Alexei Smirnov allowed the same as his Fedor: it looks more and more drink.

the Boy Vanya

Then he was lucky. He met with the Director and actor Leonid Bykov, they became good friends, the Bulls gave him a big role in his film “go To fight some “old men”. The movie rocked, he received two major prizes at all-Union film festival, it was watched by 44 million viewers. Alexei Smirnov has noticed, but he played a complex dramatic role. Premiered in 1974, he remained only five years old, and it was a bitter, hard years.

Alexei Smirnov wanted to take the child from the orphanage: Smirnov often came there, brought the kids toys and took care of the weak and the sick. He refused, because he lived alone, but in the end he succeeded. And he disappeared, and then came to the orphanage drunk, ragged and dirty, with a bottle in his pocket, brandishing the coveted papers. Put him out, he hasn’t come. Then his fate is developed along two disjoint lines.

Leonid Bykov really want to make it in the movie “Aty-Baty, were soldiers”, but Smirnov could not. About the reason for this caution wrote: the shooting, he never felt sorry for himself, without doubles, and it began to fail in health. In parallel, hidden from the eyes of most people, life was dark and hopeless.

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When his mother died, Alexei Smirnov was all alone. He finally got married – to a woman with two children. Joint life has not developed, his wife kicked him out after he drank the TV. Then there was the hospital, they found coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis, insufficient blood supply and fluid in the lungs. Everything else fit in a few days from his arrival at the ward before discharge. No one visited. On her last hospital day before discharge, he learned that Leonid Bykov died in a car accident, lay down and died.

He wanted the funeral was playing a waltz “On hills of Manchuria”, but his last will, it became known much later – Alexei Smirnov was not a man that he would have to say about it.

the Boy Vanya, which he never took from the orphanage, thought of him as my father, growing up, was trying to find. His life too has not developed, he lived alone and eventually killed himself .

So, over the years, the front spoke to those who went through the war and returned to her others maimed who had seen hell. The burden carried on their shoulders the simple Russian peasants.

Such as Alexei Smirnov and Fedor cine.

Statesalso, kind, and wise child

Lyudmila Chursina, actress:

– Alexei Smirnov was great, good and wise child. Defenseless, cared about everybody, very lonely. He was a great artist, but shot it little. I met him on the set and in the meetings in the Studio and remember his sorry tone: “Excuse me, I’m here…”

He was talented and a good person, a great pity that his creative life has developed not too successfully.