A narkoopgør took place on Friday evening. It is regarded as one of Mexico’s worst cases of gang violence in years.

A supposed showdown between two drug cartels in northern Mexico has claimed 19 lives.

The returned authorities in the nordmexicanske state of Chihuahua late Saturday night local time.

– The case of two criminal groups fighting on the routes for drug trafficking to the UNITED states, says Chihuahuas rigsadvokat, Cesar Peniche.

the Showdown took place on Friday evening and is considered as one of the country’s worst case of gang violence in years.

security Forces found 18 corpses on the spot, where skududvekslingen took place, and a wounded man that was downloaded. He died subsequently of his injuries.

the Forces also found 18 firearms, two vehicles and two grenades, reads the declaration from the competent authorities.

the Investigation and the attempt to track down the gunmen continued Saturday.

Local media have written that the gunmen belonged to the Juarez cartel and the rival Sinaloa cartel, which Penice confirms, late Saturday night local time.

on Friday said the mexican president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, that the violence among organised crime groups continue in spite of the outbreak of the coronavirus in the country.

– It looked like at the end of march, when the corona virus was more widespread that we would get a significant reduction in violence, ed.). Unfortunately, it has not proven to be the case, said Lopez Obrador.

Last year, Mexico is a spooky record, as more than 34,000 killings had taken place in the course of 2019.

It was the highest since the authorities began to make a unified statement over the killing in 1997.

It is not apparent from the figures, how many of cases related to organised crime.

the Number of people killed in Mexico has been high since 2006, when the then president, Felipe Calderon, launched a military offensive against the country’s drug cartels.

It was the number of killings to explode.